5 Tips for Perfect Slow Cooker Pasta

Nothing winds down an evening like a simple, savory meal that is ready and waiting when you arrive home. When you want the taste of an Italian dinner without the fuss, try a recipe that will cut down your cooking time and leave you with a meal that is delicious and easy to clean up.

Pasta dishes can be wonderful and expose your culinary skills to a variety of dishes.  While the end product is almost always a delight, getting there can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. Your slow cooker can help save you time and energy. Let’s take a look at a few essential tips that will make your slow cooker pasta a hit with everyone.

–    Spaghetti_spiral_splayed      Cook your pasta in a sauce you made

–          Your pasta will absorb a lot of the water as it cooks

–          It’s ok to add water to your sauce before you add your dry pasta

–          Pasta should be added to the end of the cooking process

–          Your sauce should be fully prepared before adding your pasta

–          Quick cook pastas can be added about 20 minutes before serving

–          Whole grain or heartier pastas need a little more time. Add to sauce 30 minutes prior to serving

–          1 cup of hot water should be more than enough to cook pasta thoroughly

Once you perfect the pasta part of the equation, let your imagination run wild with different dishes that you can set and forget.

Mac and cheese is an excellent meal for the slow cooker. Simply create your favorite cheese sauce or rue and add water and pasta at the end of cooking. Once the pasta is cooked completely dress your dish up with a breadcrumb crust or mix in ingredients like bacon and peas.

Beef stroganoff can be created in a slow cooker by preparing your meat and sauce first. Don’t make the process harder by fumbling with seasonings and trying to create sauces from scratch. Seasoning packets, such as Crock-Pot®  Beef Stroganoff Seasoning Mix, make life even easier. Simply add the seasoning packet to fresh beef, mushrooms, onions, water and sour cream or yogurt to easily prepare a delicious family meal in your slow cooker.

Chicken fettuccine alfredo is another simple recipe that your family will rave about. Combine sauce and cooked chicken and then heat. When dinner time approaches, add pasta and water to sauce and let it cook until pasta is tender.

Dinner doesn’t have to be time different pasta recipes made in your slow cooker.  The slow cooker allows you to get out of the kitchen and back to quality time with your friends and family.