Crock-Pot® Seasoning Mixes: Hot & Easy Delicious Crock-Pot® Meals!

Just in time for cool winter evenings, I am excited to tell you about Crock-Pot® Seasoning Mixes. Ready Unknownfor a quick & easy dinner that is ready when you get home from work? Look no further than Crock-Pot® Seasoning Mixes. I love using my Crock-Pot® slow cooker and am thrilled to have discovered these fab mixes. They make a delicious wholesome meal so easy! Both DH & I are loving all the mixes we have had the pleasure of sampling and I know you will too! Keep reading to learn more!

In six mouthwatering varieties, you are sure to find a few that your entire family will love: Beef Stroganoff, Original Chili, Savory Herb Chicken, Hearty Beef Stew, Savory Pot Roast, and BBQ Pulled Pork. I have really enjoyed all that I have tried so far and cant wait to try them all. Below is the Crock-Pot® Seasoning Mix recipe for Beef Stroganoff – our fav so far!

Get your Crock-Pot® slow cooker ready, because you will be using it a lot. Nothing beats having dinner ready when you get home from a hectic day at work. Making dinner easy for years – Crock-Pot® is a family fav! We made pulled pork sandwiches using whole grain buns and they were SO yummy! Trim your pork shoulder before cooking to cut down on fat & calories. The Savory Herb Chicken is a delicious way to enjoy those boneless skinless chicken breasts and you get TONS of veggies in – so even better!

Feel free to modify any of the easy to follow recipes on the back of the packages to suit your tastes or try them as is- they are great that way too!

Crock-Pot® Seasoning Mixes are available for purchase online and use code HONOR now for reduced shipping!

Classic Beef Stroganoff

Prep Time: 15 minutes / Cook Time: 8 hours on LOW or 4 hours on HIGH

Serves 4-6 Ingredients 1 medium onion, diced, about 1 cup 2 pounds top round or eye round beef, cut into 2″ by ½” pieces 8 ounces mushrooms, sliced 1 pkg. Crock-Pot® Hearty Beef Stew Seasoning Mix 1 ⅓ cups water 1 tablespoon corn starch 1 cup light sour cream ½ cup parsley, chopped Place diced onions in bottom of slow cooker. Add cut meat and mushrooms.

In a measuring cup, mix seasoning mix with water and pour over beef and mushrooms. Cook on high for 4 hours or low for 8 hours. Uncover and transfer contents into a large skillet or soup pot. Reserve 1 cup of sauce. In a small bowl, whisk cup of sauce with cornstarch and pour back into pot. Cook over medium-high heat for 5 minutes to thicken sauce and reduce a bit. Fold in sour cream and stir until well incorporated. Toss in parsley and serve.